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Saint stops Alcoba in five!

Undefeated George 'The Saint' Groves continued his march towards a world title with a stunning 5th round knockout victory on Saturday night.

make the sixth defence of his title against Groves and has suffered just two defeats in his 43-fight career.

Read more:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/boxing/article-2124517/George-Groves-world-title-fight-Robert-Stieglitz.html#ixzz1r5sRSx


Boxing as chief support on the huge Sky Box Office Froch v Kessler showdown at the O2 Arena, Groves dominated from the off before producing a huge right hand to close the show. His opponent - Uruguayan Noe Gonzalez Alcoba was a former world title challenger who had only ever lost twice - to Felix Sturm and Adonis Stevenson, but Groves looked in control throughout as he produced one of his best performances to date in front of a sell out crowd.

"I'm only ever really happy with a perfect performance, and I don't think I'll ever get one of them. I'm always concentrating on how I can improve," he told Sky Sports.

groves-gonzalez"Today I think I controlled him from the start. The only mistake I made was trading a little bit recklessly when I didn't need to. At the same time, I love to fight. As much as I try not to, it always seems to come out - I can't hide it.

“The shots were landing hard; it was a process of wearing him down. I knew he wouldn't be able to cope with those shots.

"A few times he showed signs of weakness, but I tried to be patient. I got the sweet shot and put him away."

The 19th straight win of Groves' career pushes him closer to a world title and the Londoner admits he feels ready to step up and take on one of the champions - including compatriot Carl Froch.groves-gonzalez2

"People like Carl Froch are world champions and have been so for a long time. I understand why people think I'm not quite there," he added.

"But I'm ranked no 1 in the WBO, two in the WBA and three in the WBC, so they're not that many guys in front of me. And when they are put in front of me, I put guys to sleep.

"With Eddie's (promoter Hearn) help, I'm sure he'll deliver a world title. I think I'm ready, I know I'm ready."

Saint stops Alcoba in five!
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Saint stops Alcoba in five!
Saint stops Alcoba in five!
Saint stops Alcoba in five!
Saint stops Alcoba in five!
Saint stops Alcoba in five!
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