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Groves v DeGale set for May 21st!

Commonwealth Super-middleweight champion George Groves is set to box British champion James DeGale in a mouthwatering Domestic clash at the O2 Arena on May 21st.



The two Super-middleweights have been rivals ever since Groves beat DeGale in 2006 en route to winning the first of his two Senior ABA titles. The Saint now has the chance to repeat that win and pick up the British strap in the process. Talking of the rivalry, Groves said: “The fact that James DeGale was Olympic champion, but number 2 in his own gym. That’s where the rivalry comes from.”

"When we got in the ring and boxed and I beat him, he couldn't cope with it mentally", Groves added.

"He rang up the club coach and said I can't train in the same gym as George, so he started training with the juniors.

"Being face to face with James just now gives me even more confidence. It has reinforced what I feel about him and his mental temperament.

"When I stood face to face with him then and told him how it is, he panicked. His voice changed, it started squeaking, those are things you can't give away.

"When it comes to fight night it's only going to be me and him in the ring and when things aren't going his way, what's he going to do?

"It's toed and froed for a few years now and built up to a fight that's captured the British fight fans imagination, and now it's happening on May 21st."


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