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Groves beats Samuels in 1 Round

George Groves stopped former British title challenger Paul Samuels (19-6-2, 11 KOs) in the 1st round on Saturday night at the Echo Arena, in Liverpool. Groves, 21, dropped Samuels with a big right hand in the 1st, and moments later the referee stepped in to halt the contest as Samuels tucked up on the ropes.


Groves pounced on Samuels in the 1st round, knocking him off balance with a hard left-right combination seconds into the fight. Groves, who had spent time training with World Boxing Council super middleweight champion Carl Froch recently, used a lot of feints and head movement, trying to trick Samuels out of position.

Samuels initially was able to land a few shots, but when Groves started letting his hands go, that was pretty much it for Samuels on the night. Groves began to blast him with double right hands to the head and body, putting a lot of power on his shots.

It wasn’t as if Groves was really trying to throw hard, he just has really heavy hands and everything Groves throws he tends to land hard.

Groves would continue landing big right hands a minute into the round before landing a huge left hand that snapped Samuel’s head back. Groves landed two more big right hands and then dropped Samuels with a mammoth right hand shot to the head.

After Samuels got up, Groves was patient, jabbing and looking for an opening. He finally saw his chance and landed a big clubbing right hand to the head that stunned Samuels. Groves then fired off two right hands, prompting the referee to step in and stop the bout.

“He was a step up in class for me,” Groves said afterwards. “I showed everyone what I’m capable of. I've got power and I’m looking to knock people out. I was upset with the stoppage of the bout. I was just getting into it. I wish it did go a few more rounds. I want to move as quickly as possible against better competition. I’m ready for more.“

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