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Groves destroys Polgar

George Groves stopped Hungarian Sandor Polgar in the 1st round on Saturday night at the Ulster Hall, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Groves, 21, knocked his opponent down with a big right hand in the opening seconds of the bout.


Groves then poured in, hammering Polgar until hurting him with a big right hand that caused Polgar to lose his mouthpiece and sag forward on his feet. His corner then threw in the towel to prevent Polgar from sustaining any further punishment.

For Groves, a former 2007 and 2008 ABA middleweight champion, it was his second consecutive 1st round knockout victory. In the start of the fight, Groves landed a left hook to the midsection of Polgar, and then landed a short right hand that caught Polgar and knocked him down. He got up and was met with a fierce attack by Groves, who began blasting away with hooks to the head and body.

Groves was showing some really good head movement, although it was kind of not needed in this situation because Polgar wasn’t throwing anything back at him and looked to be in the survival mode. Groves then caught Polgar near the ropes where he hit him with a series of hard right hands to the head.

Groves, a fighter with a lot of power in both hands, was really loading up with his shots and looking for a knockout. His efforts paid off moments later when he hurt Polgar with a big right uppercut to the head. Groves then landed three more rights, the last of which knocked Polgar’s mouthpiece out and caused his head to sag down as if he were out on his feet. The referee then stepped in and stopped the bout at this point due to Polgar’s corner throwing in the towel, Groves moving to 4-0, with 3 KOs.

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