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Groves wins with perfect body shot

George Groves stopped Bulgarian Grigor Sarohanian in the third round of their scheduled six round contest at the Brentwood Centre in Essex with a crippling left to the body. Displaying the skill and power that has made him one of the hottest properties in boxing today, Groves comfortably saw off the challenge of the aggressive and bigger Sarohanian.

It took the 'Saint' little time to find his range, dumping Sarohanian to the canvas with a superb right in the second round. The Bulgarian seemed badly shaken, his gumshield falling out as he clambered to his feet. The fight continued though, with Groves firmly on the front foot and it wasn’t long before another fine right sent Sarohanian to the floor again. The bell sounded for the end of the second though and that gave Sarohanian chance to regain his senses.

Groves started the third with trademark authority, working his classy jab to set up attacks before eventually landing a peach of a left to the body to fell Sarohanian for the final time.

Speaking after the fight, the 21 year-old revealed there had been some problems travelling to the venue, making preparations less than ideal.

“Well, London traffic let me down, it was a bit of a rush backstage but I managed to pull out a decent performance. Took me a round or so to really get into my stride and get doing the stuff I’d been doing in the gym but once that had happened I put him down in the second and finished him in the third, so I’m happy with that.”

It was a good workout for Groves and the heavier Sarohanian was a decent opponent considering the number of pull-outs for the fight.

“Yeah, he turned up overweight, so he was a bit of a lump when he came out. We knew he’d come out with his big bombs to start off, which is exactly what he did so it was about me getting past and doing the things I’m supposed to do with that type of opponent. It wasn’t perfect, I promised Adam it would be perfect but it wasn’t so I’ve got to hold my hands up there but we’ll go back, work on a few things and hopefully I can put in a faultless performance next time out.”

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