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Vegas Bound

Posted on 31 January 2013

I am sitting here on the plane with time to kill so decided to jot down my inner ramblings hopefully to your delight. So with Azealia Banks 212 flowing through my headphones I begin...

This week we saw Sky Sports’ ‘Britain’s Best: The Gloves Are Off’, hosted by Johnny Nelson. As well as being a successful fighter in his day to his credit he did very well hosting, keeping the conversation going and showing a commanding ring presence even without Ringside boss Adam Smith by his side. A distant vision from what I imagine is the short movie usually on loop in Johnny’s brain. It features Adam Smith sitting next to him in the studio. He leans into Johnny, gently kisses him on the cheek and in a soft tone says, “It’s always been you”.

Making up the rest of the open discussion was Anthony Ogogo, Amir Khan, Carl Froch and David Haye.

Anthony Ogogo was his angelic self as always. He even touched on a sweet moment with Carl ‘Cobra’ Froch buying him underwear. I must admit me being cynical by nature I did wonder if there wasn’t anything more to it. Was Carl in fact grooming Anthony? I decided not to take the matter any further after numerous attempts to get a police enquiry into my concerns that Disney’s Geppetto was in fact a paedophile.

David D Haye AKA the Hayemaker was a little more subdued. Not usually the quiet one but with the conversation at times creeping into the personal he was as always reserved. He articulated himself well though and managed to slip in his new fitness DVD about as smoothly as an Abu Hamza foot rub. In the past few weeks I’ve seen him sign more DVD’s than Madonna’s signed custody agreements. I’ve seen him flaunt ‘Box and Tone’ to Loose Women and Soccer Am fans - next stop has surely got to be an appearance on the Jeremy Kyle show. DVD in hand and facing the lie detector test… With a whooping and jeering audience JK delivers the results… “David, when asked “is this show the beginning of the end of humanity?” You answered, “No, that’s Prizefighter!” After a brief pause JK turns and announces: “He was telling the truth ladies and gentlemen!”

What we saw was that for all their boxing talent and fame they are all just normal guys. Anthony mentioned that he keeps it real and shops at TopMan but I’ll have you know, knowing Anthony there’s no way he would spend that much on a T-Shirt! Carl at this point announced he is frequently in Poundland. Most likely buying the tile print floor lino for his portfolio. Note to self; don’t rent a property from the Cobra. If this is what he’s willing to admit to on Sky TV, what could he possibly be hiding? Is the bathroom a portakabin loo in the garden up against the back wall with a hole drilled in the guttering for a rainfall shower?

Also this week was an interesting one in the Boxing News. A huge feature on the closed book that is my trainer ‘The Dark Lord’ Adam Booth. Elliot Worsell gave a tremendous account of the man who’s more closed off than a peak Winky Wright. He managed to slip through the invisible shield of the Slytherin house member if only for a day. If I was a betting man I would have said Elliot stood a better chance of getting the values and philosophies of Wilson from Castaway. Alas he succeeded and put together an insightful piece.

Also in the Boxing News this week I was nominated as a future candidate for the P4P list of 2015. Of course I was flattered by this and it was writer Danny Flexen who notified me of my inclusion. Danny, who's recently gone back to his roots after starring as Neil in The Inbetweeners, wrote my paragraph and was very kind too! I hadn’t seen this much passion on a page since I found his Zoo magazine on the train home from Sunderland. Nevertheless I was genuinely pleased to be included and fully plan to feature there for real in two years time. This will do for now. I’ll let you know how we go in Vegas soon…

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