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Im working harder than Sarah Jessica-Parkers make-up artist

Posted on 22 January 2013

Good morning readers. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Some of you I’m sure will think me cataloging my life as pointless as my hand written letter to Santa this year but after reading some excellent material from my good friend Elliot Worsell I felt the need to write and share.

Well since we last spoke I have indeed successfully defended my Commonwealth title again against The Road Warrior Glen Johnson. This man turned out to be in many ways my hardest fight to date. I attempted to show more fighting variety than a Tesco’s beef burger but ended up blasting away more often than an arsonist’s blow torch. All in all it was a successful night and lots was learnt. I would like to again thank all the fans that came out before Christmas to support me and I hope you had a great time.

Since my last fight though I decided to stay in shape. Not succumb to the usual Christmas tradition of piling on preposterous number of pounds. This tradition/obsession originally was conceived and should be rightfully credited to my good friend Anthony Ogogo. His idea was brilliance; you would break up from GB squad for Christmas. Eat as much as you could for two weeks and a fortnight later we would return to Sheffield. Each weigh and the winner would receive a seated ‘standing’ ovation from the losing parties who can no longer stand under the weight of their own grotesque waistbands. Talking of bellies Anthony is scheduled to belly-flop from the top board on ITV show Splash under the guidance of his new chum/linked lover Tom Daly. I can honestly say I hope he embarrasses himself. Not only for my own entertainment, but also it might take some heat off those Subway adverts where he demonstrates the noble art so impressively. Anyway I digress and as stated instead I stayed healthy, and was in the gym working harder than Sarah Jessica Parker’s make-up artist. The fruits of this labor are that I now am able to begin camp relatively fit, and with no qualms with my dearest of foes the bathroom scales.

Camp has now begun. A date has been set of March 16th and the bout in question will be held at the Wembley Arena, London. I am proud to announce that I will be challenging for the vacant European super-middleweight championship. Held and recently vacated by former victim James ‘Chunky’ Defail. The next opponent goes by the name of Mouhamed Ali Ndiaye. His alias is of course ‘The Power’ which to me could mean he is either a huge hitter or is a huge darts fan? Either way I’m taking no risks. This show has been strategically named Rule Britannia and with the date set a day before St Patrick’s day maybe we can get the Brit’s and Irish out in unity! Either way my shorts will have a union jack and my hair will be red! Both boxes ticked.

The rest of the show is also super awesome. We have Super Scot Ricky Burns in a world unification fight against Miguel Vazquez and if BoxRec has got it right he is in fact ranked above Ricky. Also on the bill is Nathan Cleverly taking on his mandatory challenger in the form of Robin Krasniqi for the WBO championship of the world and Dereck Chisora is currently waiting for approval from the BBBofC to be granted a license to join in the fun as well.

Before all this I have a couple of stable mates competing and certainly worth name-dropping. First up this weekend is Selcuk ‘Ironman’ Aydin. This Turkish mini Tyson is a frightening man at the best of times. In the last two months I’ve seen him dish out more punishment than Judge Judy going through the menopause. He loves a tear up and that’s why he gets invited back to Vegas. Those of you who saw my fight with Sierra from last year might remember Selcuk was on the main even against Robert Guerrero. This time out he’s up against Jesus Soto Karass from Mexico. It will be a super all action fight and because of this fact I will have to make the trip across the pond to support my Turkish chum!

Also in the gym is the Olympian, World title challenger and middleweight contender Andy Lee. Another quality addition to our gym. Andy is boxing on February 9th in Ireland and so has of course been sparring and luckily for me we are of similar size so we have shared the ring from time to time. I won’t tell you anything about our spars because that would be as appropriate as booking Frankie Boyle for a Holy Communion party. What I will say is I have world class sparring now on a regular basis I don’t have to travel to find it or fly it in! Happy days!

Finally I would like to wrap this blog up by saying please not only vote for the WaterBoy Anthony Ogogo on Splash but also share some effort for SkaterBoy Olympic champion Luke Campbell who is as I write this most likely trying on sequin blouses and having his nails painted. Luke is competing on this year’s Dancing On Ice. So far he hasn’t fallen over so he has done better than at least one of the Pros. He’s got a bit of stick so far for being a little stiff but seeing all those other boys sliding round in tight trousers and silk shirts who wouldn’t be stiff!

Either way I think he’s been more electrifying in those vests than a Tesla Tower. We at #TeamSaintGG wish him and Jalapeno Joe the best of luck in their chosen disciplines! Until next time fight fans.. 

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