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San Jose

Posted on 09 July 2012

Well considering it has been so long since I delighted your souls with an illumination of my thoughts and processes in the world of boxing and other things, I have decided to treat you all to some more blogging.

Now, having acquired a bout and therefore exciting news, I have something to talk about. I would like to start with a huge thank you to every one of you loyal supporters who have stood by patiently waiting for me to announce a return. I do hope that you are all as excited as me with the fight that has been announced. For those of you who are not quite in the know yet I am scheduled to fight Francisco Sierra of Mexico 25-5-1 22KO’s on GoldenBoy Promotions show headlined by Robert Guerrero vs Selcuk Aydin. This is without question a real fight against a dangerous opponent. I can’t wait to get in there and show what will no doubt be a Hispanic majority audience how we Brits roll, hopefully winning over a few Latinos in the process. Over the past 6 months I have made huge improvements to my game. I had to make the step up in training when I was preparing for my WBO challenge against Robert Stieglitz. From there I have kept that momentum going under the watchful smug eye of the Dark Lord Adam Booth.

Also in the gym has been the not so retired David D Haye AKA the Hayemaker. Yes ladies and gentlemen for one night only the man who’s made more returns than Batman will be performing the public service of annihilating Derek Chisora over twelve pulsating rounds of hatred. I am under oath not to disclose information about the goings on within the camp but I am going to risk exile to state to you fine people the Hayemaker is in an untamed and violent frame of mind. That is all I am permitted to reveal I believe without losing an eyebrow. If you have tickets to Licensed to Thrill (it shouldn’t but it still tickles me that) then you are in for a right treat!

For all the Kenneth Anderson fans and any other confused bystanders desperately scratching their heads panicking about whether he will get his chance to be put into early retirement the answer is yes. I have not ‘ducked’ from this man in fact the thought is not only ludicrous but also insulting! This is a man who granted has a winning record but has only ever boxed losing records apart from one, which he lost, which was against me! Ok so he is mandatory challenger for the British title but I wonder why? It might be because I have beaten everyone else in the country, including him! I have boxed him into his mandatory position, and did I get acknowledgement for this? Not even a thank you card. Still, Kenny is doing his part, so am I and when the purse bids are in on July 11th we will have more of an idea of when this grudge match will finally take place.

So, if for whatever life threatening or bail breaching reason you cannot be ringside for my 2012 US return, July 28th San Jose CA then please tune into BoxNation where they will show my fight live. Now you all will have already subscribed this month for Haye vs Chisora so no moaning, that includes you mum!

Well folks, I will leave you in peace for now. Please if you have enjoyed my piss poor attempts to make my being slightly more tantalizing feel free to share and repost where you see fit. Thanks for reading…. more to come soon! #TeamSaintGG

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