Saint stops Douglin in seven!!

George 'The Saint' Groves took just seven rounds to see off the challenge of American Denis Douglin at Liverpool's Echo Arena on Saturday night. 

Groves found the American a tricky customer and Douglin had early success, a cut on the bridge of the nose in the third round to Groves appeared to be a cause for concern, but Groves wore Douglin down as the ‘Momma’s Boy’ visibly tired.

A body shot hurt Douglin in the seventh and then a big right hand floored the American with 30 seconds of the round to go before referee Victor Loughlin stepped in.

Groves said: “Paddy gave me 5 out of 10 and I will agree. Fighting a southpaw was different and was what I needed, he was a good fighter, he was good inside and I didn't want to scrap with him inside.

“Good to get another stoppage and it's roll on the big one now. I want to take the quickest route to a World title and that's the Dirrell fight.

"I want to be a World Champion and bring a World title belt to Britain. I'll be a World champion next year."


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Groves v Douglin: Final Presser

Footage in full of the final press conference for Groves v Douglin at Liverpool's Echo Arena, this Saturday, 22nd November.






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